Roadmapping and Budgeting for Agile Projects

Step 1: Identify the stakeholder target date and budget

Step 2: Scoping and refining the Product requirements

Step 3: Work backward from the Target date to create a Roadmap

Step 4: Assign Resources to the Roadmap to calculate the Budget

Step 5: Refine the Resources and Scope to meet the Budget and Target date

Step 6: Negotiate with the client on the game plan


  • Calculate an accurate budget that takes into account all priority elements required by the stakeholder, in terms of both cost and time commitments
  • Establish processes that enable the budget to be flexible in terms of swapping features in and out following stakeholder feedback, so the project can remain Agile without going over budget



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Oldane Graham

Oldane Graham

Software Consultant | Project Manager | Certified Scrum Master | Agile Enthusiast | Digital Nomad| Blogger