How to get this most out of a Burn down Chart

  • The scrum team needs a Project Software tool: Jira, Rally Azure DevOps
  • The scrum team needs to be familiar with the basics of scrum (specifically know how to estimate and use KanBan board)

Understanding the Sprint Burn-down Chart:

  1. Estimation Statistics: The vertical axis represents the estimation story points that the team selected for the sprint. E.g. Total Story points [45]
  2. Remaining value: This red line represent the team performance on the number of story point completed and the amount remaining in the sprint
  3. Guideline: The grey line shows an approximation of where the team should be assuming linear progress.

Analyzing Remaining Value vs Guideline

How to identify unexpected issues:

  • Re-estimated a User Story, after a sprint starts if the team identifies that a specific story is more complex than what was initially estimated they would need to increase the story points to reflect the complexity.
  • Product Owner/ Client adding additional User Story inside the Sprint, this can be due to shifting priorities based on external environmental changes (Market needs increase, etc) or the scrum team misinterpretation of the client’s initial needs and prioritization.
  • Features that were initially completed got rejected or there are showstoppers defects that the team needs to change focus to make a priority to.
  • Scrum team adds User Story to the sprint because they completed the work items ahead of the Sprint target date; Good Spikes!
  • Technical Roadblocks [Server, Environments, etc going down]
  • Team working on a User Story that creates an impediment preventing the team to progress
  • The team having external distractions causing their work performance to suffer

Sprint Final Report using a Burndown Chart:



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