5 Steps to Building Your Agile team

  • Poor requirements
  • Unrealistic deadlines
  • Poor stakeholder communication
  • Lack of quality assurance
  • Changing priorities mid-project
  1. Get Management Support
  2. Formalize the team
  3. Establish an Agile Mindset
  4. Implement Agile
  5. Avoid the pitfalls
  1. Management Buy-in
  • Product Owner — represents the customers and also has the task of identifying the needs and priorities of the work for the team.
  • Scrum Master — the primary role is to serve the team by removing obstacles and managing the Agile framework.
  • Developer — The core team task in delivering the work for the customer.
  • Communication — critical
  • Simplicity — minimum Viable Product
  • Courage — delivery in small increments
  • Feedback — team doing retrospectives
  • Respect — team open to knowledge sharing
  • Understand the rules of Agile
  • Provide a space to discuss any concerns
  • Practice
  • Sticking to traditional project habits, such as driving reports instead of focusing on a working product.
  • Project Manager micromanaging the team rather than supporting the team.
  • Renaming over retooling (using traditional meetings and items and simply renaming to make them seem more Agile)
  • Thinking that Agile is radical and ever-changing (there is still documentation and requirements gathering in Agile)



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Oldane Graham

Oldane Graham

Software Consultant | Project Manager | Certified Scrum Master | Agile Enthusiast | Digital Nomad| Blogger